As the world begins to wake up to the multiple uses of Cerium Oxide, Energenics plays a leading role in its production and variation for use across a diverse range of applications.

Due to excellent physical and chemical properties, cerium oxide (ceria, CeO2) has attracted much attention in recent years. 

In nanotechnology, nanomaterials play a vital role in various fields of science, such as physics, chemistry and materials sciences. As a key component of nanomaterials, nanoparticles are single particles or species whose diameter ranges from one to few tens of nanometres.

Over the past few years, considerable efforts were made to develop many nanoparticles/nanocrystals for the development of new cutting‐edge applications in communications, energy storage, sensing, data storage, optics, transmission, environmental protection, cosmetics, biology and medicine. Due to their limited size and a high density of corner or edge surface sites, the nanocrystals can exhibit unique physical and chemical properties, including optical, electrical and magnetic properties.

Due to reduced sizes, the nanoparticles possess high surface to volume ratios, which make them highly reactive with distinct characteristics. It is highly desirable to tune the properties of materials through various means such as shapes, morphologies and surface to volume ratios.

Over the past few years, the researchers and scientists have made enormous efforts to develop nanoparticles with controlled morphologies, shapes and size.