Energenics has a successful track record in the discovery and commercialisation of novel speciality chemical additives, specialising in cerium oxide nanoparticle dispersions. Cerium oxide is both an oxidation catalyst and a UV absorber and our products are based on these key properties. By manufacturing high quality nanoscale cerium oxide using our proprietary process technology, and combining this with our formulation expertise and applications knowledge, our chemistry delivers performance benefits not previously possible. Although an SME, we employ technical and commercial specialists with many years of experience in the global speciality chemicals industry and we aim to match the levels of professionalism, product quality and customer service of our larger counterparts.

EnviroxTM  – 3 product ranges that utilise the power of Cerium Oxide as an oxidation catalyst to mitigate the harmful impact of diesel engines by use as a Fuel Borne Catalyst (FBC) and an active catalyst coating for Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs):

CerPlus® – our Cerium Oxide UV absorber technology has the innate benefits of not being consumed by sunlight, unlike traditional organic molecules, whilst not being photoactive unlike other inorganics which can degrade coatings and substrates. CerPlus® products have been proven to protect outdoor wood for the long term even under harsh conditions: