CerPlus® A SeriesAdvanced UV Protection Additives for Coating Systems

Exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light is the major cause of degradation in polymeric coatings which are exposed to sunlight. Protection from UV damage is therefore critical for coatings to effectively serve their purpose in preventing weathering damage to the surfaces of buildings, vehicles and other assets.

CerPlus® A Series performance ingredients offer broad UV protection across a wide range of UV wavelengths. They are available in as a stable dispersion of cerium oxide nanoparticles in water and non-polar hydrocarbon solvent giving compatibility with a wide range of coatings systems. As liquid dispersions they can be readily mixed into a coating formulation without the need to handle and disperse powders.

Extended Lifetime

CerPlus® A Series additives offer the advantage of extended lifetime over traditional organic UV absorbers commonly used in the coatings industry. Unlike organics, Energenics’ nanoparticles are not consumed sacrificially by exposure to UV light and are less likely to be lost through leaching, so will provide protection for a longer period.

In contrast to other existing inorganic UV absorbers such as zinc and titanium oxides, cerium oxide has the advantage of very low photoactivity. Photoactive UV absorbers generate free radicals which, over time, will degrade organic materials such as polymer binders in the coating system (an effect known as chalking) and substrates such as wood.

High Transparency

The very small particle size of the nanoparticles in CerPlus® Coatings Additives give them a very large surface area to weight ratio, making them very effective for UV absorption. The small particle size also has the advantage of having no effect on the transparency of the coatings it is used in (no light scattering). This means that they can be used in clear as well as coloured coatings.